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About US

AdrikMedia is a legitimate entity in the advertisement and filmmaking. We have a new platform that helps our clients to achieve their goal of business.


Our services will be able to help organizations to increase business, strengthen Brand Image, opens new door to enter in the Export and Domestic market above all to Retain existing customers.


As part of marketing of brand, product or service in the changed market scenario there is always a need of Audio Video Visuals. Therefore, AdrikMedia has multiple expertise and arrangements to make all those necessary films and videos required for the achievement of your business goal.


AdrikMedia Vision:


We have simple and straight vision to contribute and provide creative solutions to our clients blended with expertise and experts from post card to tweeter era.


Reference and clients:


We do not believe in reference. We never disclose name of our clients and its business.  Our work that reflects growth of business for clients is our silent reference.


How can you contact AdrikMedia Experts?


If found above information’s would be something interesting and  valuable to incorporate into your existing business development program, Please feel free to contact our Help desk for an appointment with our experts who will love to call you at your convenient time, venue and date.  We will appreciate a gap of minimum three days between your call and appointment date! It helps our team for preliminary research on your business based on available information is to make all doable solutions for business growth!


 Call Us Help line Mobile: Ahmedabad and Rajasthan: 83471 38761


 Call Us Help line Mobile: Mumbai & Maharashtra     : 7573809554


(Both are not a free call you would be charged by your service provider)

Email: Contact@adrikmedia.com

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